WesMer Drive-In Theatre

Current Showings December 2 - December 8
Strange World

Strange World

Rated PG
7:30 PM
Action, Adventure
See How They Run

See How They Run

Rated PG-13
9:30 PM
Comedy, Mystery
Upcoming Showings

Upcoming Showings will be posted by Tuesday, December 6th

COVID-19 Precautionary Guidelines

Face masks required inside buildings, i.e. concession & restrooms

Stay within front of vehicle area

If you are experiencing any flu-like symptoms, please stay home

We reserve the right to eject customers that are not respecting these guidelines

Fun, Friendly, Family Environment!

No re-entry permitted; ticket valid at time of purchase only

No guns/weapons

No alcohol/drugs

No fire pits

No walk-ins

No cutting lines

No saving spaces

No sitting on top of vehicle roof tops

Engine must be turned off during movie

We reserve the right to adjust vehicle parking

We reserve the right to refuse admission


Cash only. No Debit, Credit, or Checks.

Now featuring Digital Projection (DP)!

Playing every night Rain or Shine!

Audio is Broadcasted on the frequency 104.7 FM.

Showings are posted one week in advance.

Box Office Opening Time

7:00 PM

Admission Prices

Tuesdays: $5/vehicles
Other Days: $10/vehicle

Phone Number

(956) 514-9292